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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Moving on...

Ok I got a request to make a blog post, although I have next to nothing to report!

I currently have a full time job atm which is taking up most of my time as it can be up to six days a week. However, this job is not what i want to do as a career choice, even if I do like the people. So needless to say, I'm still looking for my dream job which is so hard to get into, I've kinda given up.

On another, more random note, I turn 20 in exactly five months today, which is so scary. It's kind of dawned on me that I need to more out and start my own life now, if only I had the money/a boyfriend who managed his money better, this would be a lot easier!

I also started a new channel for the first time since my 'Itunesbabe' channel came into creation. But, it's got nothing what so ever to do with editing! It's a beauty channel, which is the most random channel I could have made. But this is actually quite a hobby of mine, in fact, I originally made my 'Itunesbabe' channel so that I could watch these sort of videos, it wasn't until months later that I actually started editing!

If your intrested, the channel is:

and the blogspot that goes with it is:

This channel has been my main focus whilst I have no vidding inspiration. 2011 has been a terrible vidding year for me, I've only posted about three full length videos which is a joke!
However, I'm determined to post at least two more videos before the year ends, then I'll try and post a video at least once every three weeks next year. I feel that because my editing has advanced a lot since I began, (or I like to think it has), I've been spending a lot more time on my videos, even if I'm not editing as much. I mean, my latest doctor/Anna one took over three months! I've never spent that long on a video before, so of course it's my favourite!

Anyway, that's all for now!

Much love Natalie
(aka Itunesbabe)